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Announcing, ECO-press

Thermoformed substrate composed of 100% post-consumer polymers, ECO-press is the substrate of the future…

Encompass Sign Systems announces the release of the first, fully sustainable, compression molded, ADA product line - ECO-press. The federally compliant ADA signs are made exclusively of 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and e-waste.


The 100% recycled plastic signs are ideal for any ADA environment and specifically suited for large-scale, higher education, governmental and corporate projects that are seeking LEED accreditation. The 100% recycled thermoformed product line can award credit in the USGBC, Building Design and Construction (BD+C), MR4c up to two points. For more information on LEED Specification for ECO-press, check out our Resources Page.


"The ECO-press products feature all of the new-age benefits of a thermoformed ADA sign to include high tensile strength, a low-cost price point, and full brandability…" says Isabelle Gomez, Sales and Marketing Specialist for Encompass Sign. "…thermoform signs are the fastest growing sign segment. The ECO-press line offers the additional benefit of communicating a positive message around responsibility and sustainability to those who will occupy the buildings as well as the surrounding communities."


To coincide with today's announcement, Encompass also released a complete pre-designed ECO-press sign family on their interactive website, 101400 Studio. Visitors to the site can view the individual 47 sign types and choose between different colorways to fit their customer’s brand identity.

Encompass Sign's 101400 Studio. 

Encompass Sign's 101400 Studio. 

Introducing Encompass Sign's 101400 Studio family, COLUMBIA. Featuring ECO-press and MSS (Modular Sign System).

Introducing Encompass Sign's 101400 Studio family, COLUMBIA. Featuring ECO-press and MSS (Modular Sign System).

Within the new sign family called, COLUMBIA, this new sign family integrates sustainable products with Encompass Sign’s Modular Sign System, MSS. The unique COLUMBIA line features 100% recycled plastic substrate, ECO-press, and MSS to demonstrate where the future of Higher Education Signage is going. Integrating ECO-press with modular components sets an example for future sign projects while allowing the end-user to easily change out, modify, move rooms along with their coordinating ADA signs.


To learn more about ECO-press and get an estimate on your next LEED sign project, visit us at or contact our Thermoform and ECO-press experts at and call 855.672.2201.

Check out our recent INOVYN Award for ECO-press product line here.