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Tips for Planning Your Interior Signage Project


Planning an interior signage project is a process that requires collaboration among building owners, designers, architects and sign makers.

For designers who are strictly working with tactile signs, the planning process involves making key decisions that are based on where the signs will be placed, the materials that will be used and the types of signs that are required.

Before you begin planning your next commercial interior signage project, take a minute to review the mini-guide we have put together below.

Understanding ADA Sign Requirements

Complying with ADA signage requirements is arguably the most important factor of planning tactile signs. Building owners will need their signs to adhere to the guidelines put forth by the ADA (which you can review in our downloadable ADA signage requirements guide), and designers will most certainly want to deliver a quality product that adheres to the right standards.

Before you even begin designing a sign, make sure you understand the guidelines that you will have to follow.

Deciding Which Types of Signs are Needed

Depending on the scope of the project, the commercial building and a few other key factors, the type and number of tactile signs that you will need will change.

There are certain ADA signs that must be displayed in every building (stairwells, elevators, restrooms, etc., while other signs are do not have to be ADA compliant at all (building address, directories, parking, etc.).

Once you know the certain types and amount of signs that you will need, you can decide where and how you want to have them made.

Thermoformed vs. Polymer Signs

When it comes to ADA sign creation, there are two major routes you can go: photopolymer and thermoforming.

Photopolymer signs are created using photosensitive sheets of polymer resin that are covered with a film negative and exposed to UV light. They do offer a few customization options, but the technology that creates them is limited.

Thermoformed signs are created by heating plastic and forming it over a custom made mold. It allows designers to choose from a huge variety of options including color, size, shape and 3D effects (see the full range of design capabilities).

Design a Sign Today

At Encompass Sign, we make the design process of our thermoformed signs easy. As a designer, you can use our 100% Free design studio suite, 101400, to choose your sign family, style, color, text and more.

It’s easy to get started, just head over to our 101400 Design Studio and start designing your ADA signs today.