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New Tactile

New Tactile

Here at Encompass Sign Systems, our tactile ADA signs are made with an innovative thermo-compression process that enables designers the creative latitude to accentuate their client’s brand stylings.  Unprecedented quality, design-rich capabilities and a wholesale pricing model all combine to result in compelling sign packages that meet all ADA requirements.

View the tactile product lines currently being offered.

  • DURA-press

    Clear acrylic, digital graphic subsurface

  • ECO-press

    100% post-consumer recycled plastics

  • EMBED-press

    Dimensional pieces preserved between acrylics

  • SURE-press

    Top-surface painted multicolored acrylics

  • METAL-press

    True metal finish applied to acrylics

  • RAW-press

    Clear acrylic, raised tactiles, finishable

  • SOLID-press

    Corian, molded to achieve tactiles

  • THIN-press

    Ulta-thin acrylics, flex into directions


     Unprecedented       Durability in            ADA signs

  • DURA-press

    A single piece of clear acrylic molded under extreme heat and immense pressure combined with unlimited design and aesthetic possibilities yielding a visually stunning piece with maximum durability. High resolution, sub-surface graphics create a piece with profound depth.

    Recommended Uses: Institutional environments, Museums, Healthcare facilities, Donor Walls, Schools


  • ECO-press

    Molded from 100% post-consumer recycled polymers these signs can be re-purposed with a retro-linoleum look or a top-surface paint treatment for ADA compliant signs to achieve LEED credits. 

    Recommended Uses: LEED-focused New Construction, Sustainable building projects


  • EMBED-press

    Unprecedented capability to integrate textiles, grasses, feathers, organics, hardware components, and virtualy any element less than 1/2" thick into a clear acrylic molded piece. The ultimate in branded personalization.  

    Recommended Uses: Unlimited design possibilities, Community Centers, Nature Centers, Museums, design-rich environments 

    • SURE-press

      Thermal fusion of acrylics with Top-surface paint or high resolution graphics. A direct substitute for the ordinary, high-VOC photopolymer sign.

      Recommended Uses: All institutional environments, Correction facilities, Community Centers, Convention Centers  

  • METAL-press

    An imperforate metal cloaking, over acrylic, to provide a featherweight piece embodying all of the appealing characteristics of metal. Finishings include Copper, Nickel Silver, Bronze, Stainless Steel, White Bronze and Brass.

    Recommended Uses: Design-rich environments, Government Centers, Corporate Headquarters, History Walls, Manufacturing Facilitates 

    • RAW-press

      Clear Acrylic pressed into custom shapes & sizes with ADA compliant text and grade II braille. Designed for sign shops to apply their paint and graphics capabilities in order to meet their end user requirements with a high quality solution.

      Recommended Uses: Unlimited applications; perfect for sign shops to apply their graphics and mark-up.

    • SOLID-press

      Rock-solid surfaces such as the admired Corian and Avonite materials pressed at white hot temperatures over time to create rugged, yet elegant pieces.  

      Recommended Uses: High-end, stylish environments, Hotels & Casinos, Museums, Donor Walls, Corporate Headquarters

    • THIN-press

      A bendable, curvable solution for insertion into most curved frame systems. Precisely aligned to fit our modular directory systems, by Workshop II.

      Recommended Uses: Curved wall applications, Curved frame system inserts, Workshop II modular system

  • ADA Signs Like You’ve Never Seen Before

    Our production method allows designers to focus on the smallest details of their ADA sign designs, enabling our team to create visually striking ADA signs with vibrant colors, images, textures and much more.

    After the designs are complete and the tactile signs are manufactured, architects and designers alike will find our signs blend seamlessly into any environment, making them the optimal solution for any exterior or interior signage project.

    Our exterior and interior signage solutions balance stunning aesthetics with reliable durability. Every tactile sign we create comes with a life-of-the-property guarantee. They will not suffer the same wear and tear as other signs, and are near indestructible with normal day-to-day use.

    Looking to Design a Sign?

    When it comes to creating tactile ADA signs, no one understands the process better than us. Whether you are a designer, architect, sign company or building owner, we are here to help you find the right exterior and interior signage solution for you. 

    See our specifications sheet for an in-depth look at our process. If you are a designer looking for an even more simplified design process, try our 101400 Studio for free.

    For any other questions on exterior or interior signage, ADA guidelines or our thermoforming process, contact our team today.