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Designing Tactile ADA Signs

Designing Tactile ADA Signs

Tactile signs must abide by all ADA signage regulations, but they should also match the brand and decor of the building that they are in. That’s why the custom ADA signs we create are brilliant solutions for building owners, architects and interior designers.

At Encompass Sign Systems, we provide designers and architects a means to create ADA and tactile signs. Our signs create a long-lasting solution for our clients, and for their clients as well. They are made with quality materials that allow them to seamlessly integrate into their environment.

When it comes to tactile ADA signs, there is no better team to work with.

Compelling ADA Signs that Last

We’re one of only 23 manufacturers worldwide that combines new-age thermoforming technology with design-rich materials to yield ultra-cool ADA sign packages, and with our Life-of-the-Property guarantee, all of the tactile signs that create are as beautiful as they are durable.

Limitless Customization

Our unique thermoforming process not only creates highly-durable tactile signs, but it also opens the door to limitless possibilities for customization. There are no one-size-fits-all ADA signs rolling off an assembly line at our company. Each order we fulfill is customized to our client’s precise aesthetic style and design specifications.

Consider these customization options, which are unprecedented in the world of ADA signs until now:

Dimensional tactile signs by layering multiple levels of acrylics to create depth
Unique shaping (including basic and complex 3D shapes)
Full color and graphic integration
Edging that adds a framed look to your ADA signs
Texturizing to allow signs to blend/pop into their environments

Meeting ADA Signage Requirements

One of the largest concerns of business owners when it comes to their tactile signs is meeting all applicable ADA sign requirements. Through careful planning, our team at Encompass makes this process easy for you. Our design team has decades of experience converting message schedules into fully compliant sign packages, complete with thumbnail images of each and every sign.

From line spacing to braille letters, all the way through proper placement, mounting and visibility, we will ensure that your signs meet all applicable regulations. Our experienced Team and proprietary software program eliminate the headaches and stress commonly found in programming ADA sign packages. We deliver stylish and simple signage solutions.

Learn More About Our Process

If you have any questions about our thermoforming process, how we meet ADA signage requirements or about the design options of our tactile signs, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

You can also check out our 101400 studio, which features pre-engineered sign families commonly found in most buildings. It is designed to help you plan your next large ADA signage project. You can also see our gallery for examples of our work. 

Whether you are in need of a sign solution for yourself or one of your clients, Encompass Sign Systems can provide the solution you’re looking for.