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Wayfinding and Directional Systems

Wayfinding and Directional Systems

At Encompass Sign Systems, our wayfinding and directional sign systems are specifically designed with your building and campus projects in mind.

Whether you are a business owner looking for your first modular sign systems or an industry veteran who is working on a project for a client, our professional team can help you create integrated, visually consistent signage systems that are designed to encompass your project’s signage requirements.

Diverse Modular Sign Systems

Our diverse range of modular signs specifically address your project needs. If you are looking for a robust, highly secure directory, then our Chameleon sign system is right for your project. If you prefer a more discreet bracket system, our Monoline system will fit right into your project environment.

Interior and Exterior Wayfinding Signs

From the interior of corporate buildings to the exterior walkways on college campuses, our products are the ideal solution for your sign system needs. We have worked with designers and architects to manufacture and place modular sign systems at:

  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Offices
  • Parks and Trails
  • Airports
  • Colleges and other Campus Environments
  • Various Public Spaces

Unlimited Sign and System Combinations

With Encompass Sign Systems, you can optimize your modular signs by pairing them with the appropriate directional and display systems. The possibilities are endless. You can mix and match systems, styles and even create double-sided modular signs systems that become the centerpiece of any interior or exterior environment.

Learn More Today

Looking for precise design specifications on our modular signs? Follow the links below to see samples of our signs systems, their specs and more. From wayfinding signs to directories, Encompass Sign Systems has it all. Our signs are secure, stunning and suitable for any environment.

Contact our team team by calling 855.672.2201 or sending us a message today.

Check out our Wayfinding and System products listed below



    Robust, flexible monolith directory. Highly secure, can be internally illuminated. Available in many finishes.

  • MSS

    Modular Sign System: Leader in internal wayfinding and most flexible system in the marketplace.


    Simple, minimalist bracket. Suitable for displaying acrylics & metals in interior or exterior settings.


    Revolutionary fingerpost directional system. Collars can be stacked for optimal wayfinding flexibility. 


    Chameleon is a flexible monolith sign that can be specified like a bespoke sign. Highly secure, it can be internally illuminated and available in a variety of finishes. Can incorporate virtually any material that is in sheet form (i.e; aluminum, glass, stone, timber). Stunningly simple -a pair of proprietary aluminum structural posts hold infill panels at faces & sides.

    Recommended Uses: Robust enough for urban locations, refined enough for any corporate environment available up to 5 feet high no restrictive, pre-set modules or sizes.

  • MSS - Modular Sign System

    A robust and flexible signing solution for all internal wayfinding requirements. MSS is a simple assembly of strong, lightweight, extruded interchangeable aluminium profiles. The most flexible system in the marketplace.

    Recommended Uses: Institutional environments, Corporate Headquarters, Campus environments - Higher Ed & Healthcare, Retail environments


    Monoline is a discreet bracket system that holds digital prints behind a proprietary, anti-reflective glass held securely by only a pair of 12mm (0.47 inch) aluminum strips. Suitable for holding acrylics, metals, and laminates in either an interior or exterior setting.

    Recommended Uses: With it's minimal appearance it fits into both traditional & contemporary environments.


    Octopus represents a new generation of fingerpost systems. An engineered product, Octopus is constructed from robust aluminum extrusions. Each collar has 8  fixing positions and 5 collars can be stacked on top of each other maximizing the wayfinding flexibility.  

    What makes Octopus unique, is the octagonal telescopic spline that holds the collars in position. This can be raised or lowered to add or remove collars, without re-engineering on site.

    Recommended Uses: Town Centers, Business Parks, Campus environments - Higher Education, Healthcare, Corporate Campuses, anywhere that pedestrians need directions


  • DSS 2.0
    DSS 2.0

    Slim, wall mounted case. Elegant & simple display for posters, transparencies & temporary information. 


    Freestanding display for posters and notices. Use where wall-mounted information is not possible.


    Minimalist insert comprised of; minimal frame, glazed acrylic insert, with locking system


    Frameless display with edge-to-edge glazed face & safety glass, floating 3 piece display & vertical insert.

  • DSS 2.0

    A slim, wall-mounted case, which provides an elegant and simple way to display posters, transparencies and temporary information. DSS 2.0 is suitable for internal or external use and can be illuminated using ‘fit it and forget it’ LED technology.

    Recommended Uses: External environments such as; Movie Theater facilities, Performing Arts Centers, Convention Centers


    A freestanding display system for posters, notices, and marketing content. FSS Footprint can be used where wall mounted information is not possible or not effective. FSS Footprint is available in two design options; Aerofoil and Linear.

    Recommended Uses: Typically specified for internal environments such as; corporate reception areas, conference centers, hotel lobbies, restaurants, showrooms, museums and galleries, airports and retail environments.


    Minerva is a minimalist paper insert product.  Minerva frame system consists of only 3 lightweight components. Have the option of extending the acrylic insert beyond each of the four edges creating the "frameless" appearance; Frameless. 

    Recommended Uses: Paper Artwork Display, Fire Plan Display, Menu Display, Door Sign, Shelf-end Sign


    Vertico is a frameless display case with an edge-to-edge glazed face and safety glass. Vertico has an unique and proprietary sliding mechanism to open and close. Ideal for areas where temporary signs needs to be displayed.

    Recommended Uses: Elegant and clean for internal environments like; corporate reception areas, conference centers, hotel lobbies, restaurants, museums and galleries, libraries and retail environments.