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How Thermoformed Signs Are Created

How Thermoformed Signs Are Created

Thermoformed signs are revolutionary in the signage industry. While the process of thermoforming is almost as old as time, it has never been applied so successfully to ADA, tactile and other types of interior signs.

At Encompass Sign, we are one of a few companies that use thermoforming techniques to help designers create custom signs for their clients, and because there are a few ways to design and manufacture thermoformed signs - through vacuuming and pressure molds - the customization options are endless.

What Exactly are Thermoformed Signs?

Thermoformed signs are a durable, reliable and vibrant way to display information, particularly when it comes to ADA sign regulations.  Unlike photopolymer signs, which create raised braille copy by exposing photosensitive sheets of polymer to UV light, thermoformed signs are created by using a mold, then applying heat and pressure to achieve raised copy, symbols and braille.

When compared to other types of signs, nothing beats the rich, textured look of thermoformed signs. They are durable - all of our signs come with a life of the property guarantee - and can enhance the look of any environment. 

Our thermoforming process creates ADA signs that not only meet all ADA rules and regulations, they are also a beautiful addition to any building’s interior. Whether you are a building owner or an architect working on a project for a client, our team at Encompass Signs will be able to meet every design specification that you have.

What Kinds of Customization Options Come with Thermoformed Signs?

Thermoformed signs fuse custom branding and architectural brilliance. Never have ADA and other types of interior signage looked so beautiful.

Our thermoforming process has numerous customization options that create a consistent brand presence, whether you are ordering just one or one hundred signs. Many of our customization options include custom

Shapes: go beyond simple geometric shapes
Sizing: no sign is too large or too small
Color Integrations: mix and match brand colors and more
3D Effects: including logos and other shapes
Graphics: rich pictures can be placed directly on your signs
Text and Braille Writing: meet all ADA regulations
And, So Much More!

Experience and Quality

If you are working on a custom signs project, you want to work with a company that has created tens of thousands of thermoformed signs for clients all across the country. At Encompass Signs, we have both the experience and portfolio to demonstrate the quality of our signs. We are a founding member of the ARTS Fabricators, the governing body of the standards behind architectural thermoforming.

Interested in getting started with your custom design? Head on over to our 101400 studio to see how easy it is to lay out your specifications for our design team. If you have any questions at all, or if you want to place an order for a sign, contact our team today.


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