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System Specifications and Illustrations

System Specifications and Illustrations


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What types of materials can be embedded into your “EMBED-press” product?

Allow your imagination full freedom as the future is now.  Virtually any material can be embedded into your sign design. Examples include… fabrics, grasses, textiles, coins, plastics and more. Any material that when compressed will fit within the final thickness of your sign design.

With unlimited options, how do I select the right components to create a full signage system?

Our integrated system designers are available to offer recommendations on both interior & exterior components designed to fulfill the sum total of your environment’s needs.

Is the “METAL-press” product magnetic?

Yes. When applied to any substrate our cold-spray metals retain 96% of their natural metal characteristics. Several metal options are currently in development. Please inquire about your specific needs and Encompass  will determine feasibility.

Is the new Thermoform technology reliable?

Yes, while revolutionary in the sign-making realm, we have already produced tens of thousands of thermoformed signs. We are also a member of the ARTS Fabricators which governs the standards of architectural thermoformers.

Does the Thermoforming process yield a consistent fabrication method for use in institutional facilities?

Yes indeed. In fact the durability inherent in the thermoforming sign process makes this technique the perfect solution for Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Public Spaces, Correctional Facilities, Airports and Campus Environments. Additionally, the design capabilities enable unprecedented branding opportunities for designers to significantly enhance these environments.

What is covered under the “Life-of-the-Property-Guarantee” of your ImPress product line?

Four of our primary tactile products are guaranteed for the "Life-of-the-Property." Nearing diamond-like hardness on Rockwell's Hardness Scale, these intensely-fused products are virtually indestructible under normal usage patterns.

How do I purchase Encompass Products?

Sign companies can purchase directly from us by contacting or by connecting with our Sales Team, toll-free, at 855-672-2201. Encompass is a wholesale-only provider.  Architects, Interior Designers and Spec-writers can obtain Uniform Specs and related Product Data Sheets at    Property Owners and Facility Managers should contact us at and we will provide a recommendation on a qualified sign partner in your area. 

Can the Modular Sign System be double sided?  Our client is designing a new Atrium that will change pedestrian traffic patterns. Can we change the wall-mounted Directory to one that is read from both sides?

Yes, the product is naturally double-sided. Both faces can feature text, graphics or branding elements, in free-standing mode.

Are FSS Footprint bases available in other colors?

Yes, aerofoil bases can be powdercoated to any Pantone color.