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Exciting News from Encompass Sign

To our valued customers:

We have been propelled by the increase in demand for thermoformed signage, as specified by a growing number of architects. Over the past few months, we have re-invested our record earnings into four new pieces of large-format, capital equipment.       
Included in our machinery expansion is a pair of Multicam-APEX 3R routers, which are being touted as the next generation of CNC routers.  The pair features the latest in Gantry architecture as well as automatic tool changers, high-frequency spindles, and auto-calibrating probes. Lots of fun things happening at HQ!
Both of the new APEX 3R routers mill single pieces, up to 10 feet long, with an industry-leading slew acceleration. So, we are saying "au revoir" to slow lead times.
Our machinery expansion also includes a new J1390 high-intensity Laser cutting system, which will lead to increased output for all signs with laser polished edges. 
FUN FACT: The precision featured within this model has made it popular for cutting intricate electronics and aviation parts with high tensile strength!  
The 2,000 square inch bed will enable us to swiftly sculpt sophisticated patterns as part of the thermoformed ADA sign-making process.
Administratively, we implemented a new Project Management software enabling increased visibility on all aspects of the production process. This technology has led to improved projections and heightened communications on newly proposed projects. Additional skilled machinists and designers were hired to maximize the capabilities resident within our new equipment.
The new-age capabilities and technical expertise will help us to shorten turn times and gain processing efficiencies.  This combination will result in increased value for our growing base of customers who now require thermoformed, compression-molded ADA signs for their projects. One of the most popular trends in the architectural sign and design industry has been the transition from ordinary photopolymer ADA signs and flimsy applique signs, to the new-age thermoformed tactile ADA signs.  The thermoforming process yields a superior sign, at reduced costs. 
To get the latest pricing on our thermoformed signs, reach us at or call us at 855.672.2201.
We are very excited to announce our recent innovations and hope you are too!