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Protecting Directional Signage from Environmental Conditions


Over the years, directional signage that is exposed to environmental conditions and the human touch can become worn down, faded and in dire need of replacement. While nothing can stop the inevitable toll that time takes on any material, there are certain steps that we take to limit the effects that the environment and daily human interaction have on signs.

Protecting Directional Signage Against Tampering

Whether by the hands of a curious child or a vandal out to cause mischief, we find that building owners are always seeking new ways for designers and sign manufacturers to protect the investment they have placed in their signs from those who, either intentionally or not, can do them harm.

When it comes to protecting directional and wayfinding signs from human tampering, the best method is place tamper-proof locking mechanisms within the signs themselves. While these locks keep the sign itself secure, they do not take away from their interchangeability. Designers will still be able to customize their signs to fit their client’s specifications, and building owners will still be able to change out the information on the signs quickly and without any complications.

Signs we recommend: For a building’s interior, we recommend our Modular Signs System (MSS). These interchangeable signs are secured by a hidden, tamper-proof locking device that building owners can access when they need to change out the plates on the system.

For exterior wayfinding, we recommend our Octopus signs. These fingerpost directional systems are easily interchangeable and can be stacked on top of one another. They are secured with a tamper-proof bolt at the top of the post that can be removed when adding or removing signs becomes necessary.

Protecting Directional Signage Against the Elements

Wind, rain, snow and other extreme conditions can wear down signs over time, which is why sign manufacturers take these elements into consideration when designing and creating wayfinding signage.

Everything from the sign’s material to the finish and any protective cases plays into the life of a sign. Better materials and finishes as well as study cases will yield signs that last longer (and make for a better investment).

Signs we recommend: for protection against the weather, we recommend our Chameleon signs. Not only are these monolith directories highly secure, thanks to their protective case, they are well shielded from the effects of any type of weather. Designers can choose from a wide variety of finishes that include:

  • Various PMS (Pantone) Colors
  • Matthews Paint Colors
  • Metallic Coatings
  • VeroMetal
  • Many Other Materials

Smart Signs for Smart Investments

There’s no sense in purchasing a sign that will have to be replaced in a few years. When you work with Encompass Signs, we will make sure that your investment is well protected by the signs that we create. Our signs are well protected against human tampering as well as the elements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the ideal sign system for you or your design client.