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Creating a Seamless Wayfinding Experience

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Wayfinding and directional sign systems are meant to create an effortless experience for end users. In order to achieve this, designers must integrate signs into an environment seamlessly, enabling the end users to navigate the environment with ease.

Whether these wayfinding and directional systems are created for a college campus or placed within a large commercial building, they must compliment the environment to create a cohesive design.

How can you integrate wayfinding and directional signs into your next sign project?

Data Collection

Although the overall design of signs is important, effective wayfinding begins and ends with data. Wayfinding science relies heavily on how people interact with signs and the surrounding environment, and how designers collaborate with architects (and agricultural architects if working outside) to define how people instinctively navigate the environment.

Some information to consider includes:

●      The length and direction of pathways

●      How busy pathways become

●      Notable peak times when traffic is most condensed

●      Where people need direction the most

Sign Design

While data will improve the effectiveness of wayfinding and directional signs, the design is what allows signs to be seamlessly integrated into an environment.

Signs systems must appear as a natural extension of an environment, which is why they can be created in so many different styles. When working with the right company, designers will have a lot of leeway in creating their signage systems. From minimalist signs that are discreet to robust systems that stand out, there are many options to work with.

You can see many of those options in our gallery.


Sign systems must be tested and improved upon over time. During the design process, designers utilize objective testing to understand how the end user will be utilizing the space.

Objective testing of people who are unfamiliar with a particular environment will allow designers to create systems that work better than before.

Choosing the Right Partner

At Encompass Sign Systems, we work with designers, architects and sign companies to create wayfinding and directional systems that are both effective and refined.

Contact us today to streamline the planning of your next sign design project.