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SEGD MSP: 3M Mini Trade Show

Hosted by: Adam Halverson SEGD MSP Chapter Chair; Jesse Yungner Chapter Co-Chair, Gretta Fry Chapter Co-Chair.

Location: 3M Innovation Center, Maplewood, MN

On Wednesday, September 14th we had the pleasure of attending the 3M Innovation Trade Show, hosted by our SEGD Chapter Chairs and 3M Innovation Center. Not only did we enjoy connecting with local SEGD members and learning about other local sign businesses, we also received more information about 3M history and their vast array of product lines on our exclusive Innovation Center tour.

Take a look at your desk. Do you see your favorite Post-It Notes? And what about the tape dispenser and scissors? 3M makes those too. These are just a few of many products 3M makes and you can find them just about everywhere.

Not only are 3M products necessary in our everyday life, but they each play a crucial role in our business helping to produce the products designers, architects, and sign company's need.

3M, a well-known name in the manufacturing industry contributes many supplies to make sign manufacturing possible. Listed below are only a few of many 3M products used to manufacture Encompass Sign products;

·        Abrasives;  

o  3M Standard Abrasives – We use this product to add a smooth and clean finish to sign edges.

o   Protecting our employees by giving them 3M Spray Coverall to wear while painting signs to protect them from harmful chemicals, dust, and debris that occurs while painting.

·        Tapes;

o   3M Scotchblue, we use during the painting process when adding intricate details to multiple signs and systems.

·        Decorative Finishes

o   We use 3M products like Di-Noc as a decorative feature in tactile signs. We utilize thermoforming to embed the Di-Noc to create our EMBED-press line, as shown below.

To learn more about our thermoforming process, follow this link or contact us.

Thank you SEGD MSP, 3M and sponsors for organizing another educational and exciting event. We look forward to attending future events!