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Press Release: Encompass Sign Awarded Exclusive North America Distributorship for Workshop2 Products

 Workshop2 Limited, the European leader specializing in high-quality engineered directional and wayfinding products announced today that it has signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Encompass Sign Systems, a U.S.-based leader in thermoformed ADA and pre-engineered architectural sign systems. For Workshop 2, the illustrious 12 year old firm, this is the first Exclusive Distribution Agreement designed to debut its popular product line throughout North America.

“With its game-changing tactile thermoforming sign technology and reputation for high-end product quality, Encompass Sign has established forward-looking relationships with experiential graphic designers and architectural influencers across the U.S. We selected Encompass because their capabilities will enable our robust Modular Sign System to be integrated into the most innovative and extensive environments in North America”, said Jonathan Henderson-Quartey, CEO of Workshop 2

“The skillful executive team at Encompass has combined a dynamic marketing plan with warehousing, CRM and order fulfillment systems that will ensure rapid and reliable roll-out of our scalable pre-engineered sign systems in North America”.            

“The exclusive distributorship with Workshop 2 is a natural progression of our business strategy and core competencies, said Phil Quattrocchi, President of Encompass.  “With over 1,200 installations in the European marketplace, the popular Modular Sign System is the perfect compliment to our new-age, thermoformed ADA sign product line.  By adding the world-class MSS directory system and wayfinding products like fingerposts and informational kiosks that Workshop 2 provides, it positions us to be a true, single-source supplier and increases the value that we can deliver to our partners in the commercial and experiential graphics design community”.


About Encompass Sign Systems

Encompass Sign Systems enables the integration of thermoformed ADA-compliant signage with European-based extruded Directional Systems. This combination of rare components yields a cohesive wayfinding system for facility projects of scope while streamlining the architectural and design challenges around integrating such a holistic solution. The ease with which architects and designers can specify an integrated wayfinding solution has led to rapid adoption of Encompass products.

Encompass is one of only 25 thermoform sign-makers worldwide and is a wholesale only provider to sign shops and designers throughout North America. Encompass is now the exclusive North American distributor of Workshop 2 directory, display, fingerpost and wayfinding products.


About Workshop 2

Workshop 2, based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom is a product development company specializing in the design and marketing of pre-engineered signage, décor and display products.  Our products are considered ‘benchmark’ designs of their type.Our aim for Workshop 2 is to develop and market well-designed and elegant signage and display products.

We want to work with like-minded people who care about the built environment.  Through our partners we make it easy for architects and designers to specify Workshop 2 products for their projects.

To learn how to use the new thermoforming ADA technology or to learn more about our Pre-engineered sign system, follow this link or simply contact us at 855-672-2201

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